The Premier Men had great success at the Rock Chote this weekend, making the finals for the first time at this tournament.

The road getting there was not an easy one, but these amazing men, who played with so much heart and determination, go from strength to strength.
The weekend started on day 1 with 3 games for the team for 1 win and 2 loses. This put our team in a super tough position. To make the final game they would have to play 3 games back to back and then still have to in the finals against a well-rested team.

They came into the final day of the tournament playing like the team we know they are.

The first game of the day was against one of the top teams in the NFS, the super tough team – Auckland United. Auckland United started well, but once our men stepped up to the challenge there was no come back from Auckland United and Roosters took the win 3-1.

The second game was against Auckland Marist, Roosters Took the win 4 -2. Moving onto their 3rd game of the day against Otahuhu.

Otahuhu and Roosters have had a great season against each other so far as you may remember the huge game in the regular games that went into 14 innings. With Roosters finally walking away with the win. This was a game to be watched by a closely by our supporters who are proud to say were very loud in cheering our team on. Our men walked away with the win 1 – 0

Roosters now face Ramblers in the final of the Rock Chote.

Our Premier Men played 4 games today back to back with less than 10mins between games. The first game started at 10.30am last game ending after 6pm at night. They were exhausted but battled strong finishing as runners up.

We could not be more proud of them. Our very own Blake Radford getting MVP

A special mention also to Cushla the teams amazing scorer who had to score all games with no breaks…Cushla you’re a legend.