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Coach: Mel Burns and Aaron Brooks

Manager: Katy Perry

This grade uses a Tee to bat from.

T-Ball is a natural and longstanding introduction to softball. Removing the element of pitching and making hitting easy, it’s assessable and fun for both girls and boys. This age group is all about Discovery, Fun and Participation. It is a time our young chargers learn the Fundamentals skills of softball in a safe and supporting environment. Tee Ball represents simple and fair playing rules, rotation of positions and equal playing time.

Modified version of the game with a softer ball, rotation of positions and equal play time for all kids. This means youngsters are in an environment where everyone can experience a measure of success and are more likely to have fun and remain in the game.

There’s a strong focus on learning through play – throwing, fielding and the tricks of hitting a ball with a bat – but it’s also about enjoyment and social interaction