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Coach: Tania Parangi

Assistant Coach: Annie Hewett

Manager: Gary Butcher

The U11 are a step up but still about fun, and starting to really master of basic softball skills, as a batter they now face a real player as pitcher.

Environments and experiences will influence our ongoing choices to engage in physical activity and sport. Variety, enjoyment and skill development are crucial, along with a positive, supportive, empathetic environment that enables us to learn and be challenged at our own individual pace.

Player of the Day trophies, proudly sponsored by John Roff

Player NamePosition Shirt Number
Ryan Butcher
Charli May Casley
Jackson Cranston
Mikael GarnerCatcher
Mason Hamilton-Cain
Lleyton Hewett
Max Jones
Briar Kirkwood-Allan
Spencer RoebeckPitcher
Jaedhan RoebeckCatcher