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ACC Sport Smart

ACC SportSmart Reference Resource.

Background – what is ACC SportSmart?
ACC SportSmart is a sport performance and injury prevention framework with associated programme resources. The ACC SportSmart programme, first published in 1999, has been successfully adapted in collaboration with national sports organisations (e.g. RugbySmart, NetballSmart) and international sports organisations (e.g. BokSmart). ACC SportSmart has been substantially updated using research and evidence of best practice. The panel of experts responsible for the update were from AUT University, High Performance Sport New Zealand, Sport New Zealand, the University of Otago and national sports organisations, and included sports science and sports medicine experts from Australia and New Zealand. ACC SportSmart provides advice on how to improve performance by minimising the risk of injury for everyone who is physically active. All coaching policies, educational documents and curricula should have clearly identified and consistent content on injury prevention to help ensure that strategies to minimise injuries become one of the major elements of coach/trainer knowledge, attitudes and behaviours.

ACC SportSmart is intended for:

•secondary school physical education teachers•tertiary institution tutors and lecturers

•all national sports and sports training organisations•secondary and tertiary students

•everyone who is physically active.

Everyone is encouraged to integrate the ACC SportSmart principles with their sports and activity-related education programmes, policies and practices. Everyone needs to take responsibility for injury prevention in sport. Lead agencies (e.g. ACC, national sports organisations, Sport New Zealand) are responsible for developing and directing sports injury prevention strategies, while other organisations (e.g. sports clubs, sports trusts, schools) can implement the strategies at the community level and are vital to their success. Personal responsibility is key to reducing the risk of injury and ensuring that performance is enhanced and enjoyment is maximised.

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