Our U13 Boys have started this season of very well. They are currently holding first place position in their grade despite playing one less game due to a BYE than the second place current holder.

They have played a total of 6 games, for 6 wins, for 91 runs and a game score difference of 84. This is even more impressive when the team’s first home run came at their last game played by the talents from player Jake Jones. Proving it’s not home runs you need to win games, but a team that works well together, and the U13 Boys are doing this in a huge way.

Their final score for this season so far are,
Week 1 Score 18 – 2
Week 2 Score 15 -0
Week 3 Score 6 – 0
Week 4 Score 21 – 3
Week 5 Score 10- 2
Week 6 Score 21 – 0

The whole team has been playing well and improving, Jayden Tapsell the teams #1 Pitcher and Catcher Demetrius Sanft as proving to be a very strong team who are working very well together

Coach Carma Roebeck cant wait to see how far they all go. They have two games left before the Christmas break the details below for their games. If you can get out there to cheer them on, please do so.

(pictured Jayden Tapsell who also plays for the U15 Boys team)