Roosters U15/17 Girls are the currently grade leaders with starting the first half of the season with such force they are yet to play a 7 inning game. So far the team has played 5 games for 5 wins, results in 80 runs and a difference in runs by 69.

This team has so many good players and each team member is doing really well in their positions.

Questa Hayward,  played her first game ever, she managed to make good contact with her hit and get onto base .  Despite being very nervous and not confident she succeeded in playing a great game. Welcome to the team Questa we are so happy to have you on board.

We are so proud of what this team has done in the first half of the season. The total over all results for the team so far are as follows,

Week 1 score 17-5 in 4 innings

Week 2 score 17-2 in 3 innings ( only batting twice)

Week 3 score 17-0 in 3 innings

Week 4 score 22- 6 in 3 innings

Week 5 score 14-0 in 4 innings

These are amazing results but the teams know they need to go into each game modestly, stay focused, work hard and have respect for each player and team you come across.

With only 2 games left before the season takes a break over Christmas I sure they would love some extra supporters at their games.