Roosters played in a curtain raiser game on Friday night at the Fastball 45. This was a an exciting time to show what our club is all about and how talented our players are and wow they did not disappoint.  

Fastball 45 is a modified action packed version of softball lasting roughly 3 to 4 innings and 45 mins. Our men amazing in this time had 4 huge home runs, bringing base runners home most  times, they were,

Jamieson Graham bringing home Joseph Hall, Trey Lassen, and Levi Wilson

Hemi McCarthy bringing Levi Wilson home with him

Lennox Jones bringing Jamieson Graham home with him

Jordyn Cotton hit a huge solo home run.

Final score at was 13-2 with Roosters taking the win over Northcote. The men had an such amazing game and we could not be more proud of them.