Calling all Roosters,
Exciting news hit the media today with Roosters U20 team playing a curtain-raiser game against Northcote U20 in the new Fastball 45 game. This will be taking place on Friday 15th November at Rosedale ahead of the scheduled Fastball 45 Women’s game. Time to get your Roosters gear on and support one of our teams.  Sky will film some of the game to highlight within the live production on Sky Sport 9…so we want to fill the stands with Roosters colours proudly, and cheer on our team while they take on Northcote. This is an amazing chance to show off our talented players. Please support our boys and get down there in your Rooster supporters gear and cheer loudly.
FASTBALL 45  is innovative and dynamic! An exciting new product with modifications to provide a higher paced and intense version of softball for both male and females.  The concept is designed to enhance the best parts of the game with higher frequency. To achieve this state of play traditional rules have been broken and radicalised to; increase the amount of ball in play, increase double plays, scoring opportunities and the points system itself. The Fastball 45 2019 competition will be an Auckland based model with intentions to create a national product from next season on.

To learn more about Fastball 45, you will find all the details on the SNZ website