Roosters were hugely represented well in the U18 Boys National Championships this season with a huge number of talented players and Roosters coaches/staff being involved in the North Harbour team. They were

North Harbour U18 Boys Reps 2019-2020 – Roosters players
Te Kirika Cooper-Nicola, Jamieson Graham, Lennox Jones, Caleb Koko, Daniel Williams-Lynch, Levi Wilson, Jordyn Cotton, Cassidy Brown

Coaching & Staff
Kurtis Tomkins (Head Coach), Cory Collins -Assist Coach (Pictured) Steve Collins(not pictured)

We had a number of players appearing in the Top Stats throughout the tournament

Day 1 Stats

Batting Stats
9th Lennox Jones PA 10, At Bats 8, Hits 5, Bat Ave .625

4th Jamieson Graham  4

MOST Home Runs
2nd Jordyn Cotton 1
2nd Levi Wilson 1

Day 2 Stat

5th  Lennox Jones  PA 16, At Bats 13, Hits 7  Bat Avg .538

Pitching Stats
6th Caleb Koko Batters Faced 77, Innings Pitched 16, Earned Runs 9 Earned Run Avg 3.94

8th Lennox Jones 6

MOST Home Runs
1st =  Lennox Jones 2

Day 3 Stats

9th Lennox Jones 26    PA21,  At Bats 10, Bat Ave  .476

Most RBI’s
1st  Jamieson Graham  11
3rd Lennox Jones 10

MOST Home Runs
1st Lennox Jones  3
2nd Levi Wilson  2
2nd Jamieson Graham 2

Our very own Lennox Jones makes the over all Tournament Team. We are so proud of all our players and coaches.