Today Jaedhan Roebeck caught 1501 catchers. This amazing 10 year old has gone through hours of training for this physically and mentally challenging fundraiser.

Huge thank you to the pitchers Ryan Love, Seth Gibson, Blake Radford, Sam, Brooke Glassie, Eru Drage, Sam Roebeck, Pita Rona.

It was amazing to see so many people from so many different Clubs supporting him and all coming together. This is what is so amazing about this Sport. He had a huge crowd of supporters cheering him on. You can still donate to this CLICK HERE for his Give A Little Page.

He is raising funds for the Samoa Measles Emergency programme.

No child should have to suffer with this deadly and unnecessary disease – not when two doses of a measles vaccine (what a child needs to be fully protected and immunised) costs just $1.

We are under no illusion of the effect that Measles have on families, a nation and of course the children themselves. It is always hard to see little ones suffer especially when it is at first glance a simple fix. That is where awesome and lovely people like yourselves can help and come into play.

Jaedhan plays for our U11s & U13s teams, where he plays in the catcher’s position for one of these.